Wednesday 11th November 2015

A great day today since the weather is just perfect. The sun is shining with temperatures around 15° C. 

In the last weeks the students established constructional interventions like a Belvedere, Compost, Water tank and Tool table. Therefor not much garden work has been done in the past. For today we have been concentrated our self on duties to be done before winter is coming. Cleaning the site, spreading new soil to level out our topography, replacing one fruit tree (Hallauer `Ämli` Cherry), turning the soil in the planting beds and put in bulbs for spring. The path proposed by the students along the ellipse got marked with 1000 snowdrops (Leucojum vernum) being planted. The snowdrops will show at first in early spring a fine white blooming line under the fruit tree canopy. An other highlight for coming spring will be the newly planted tulip bulbs in three existing planting beds. We have chosen a nice variety of another 1000 bulbs of tulips: Tulipa Black Hero, Tulipa Cheers, Tulipa Elegant Lady, Tulipa Estella Rijnveld, Tulipa Gavota, Tulipa Golden Apeldoorn, Tulipa Green Wave, Tulipa Groenland, Tulipa Hollandia, Tulipa Ile de France, Tulipa Kees Nelis, Tulipa Spring Green, Tulipa White Triumphator.


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Wednesday 11th November 2015