Wednesday 26th August 2015

A good day to work in the garden since the weather is just perfect. It`s a sunny day and about 30°C. After a couple of weeks neglecting the garden it`s time to be back on track. Luckily we are four of us to do what has to be done. Mowing the lawn is the big issue since the grass is grown high. It took us all day to do it. We also took out Broad-leaved dock (Rumex obtusifolius) and did the weeding around the tree stems. 

The crop of the potatoes we took out today is not enormous as expected. But about two kilos for each potatoes variety (`Eigenheimer`, `Ratte` and `King Edward`) is still quite satisfying. By chance we could organize 1-2 m3 soil, which the workmen on the campus side promised to bring in the next days. That means we can start to equalize our uneven trench in the next weeks. After a long and hard day we are all happy about the state of being on top of the garden again.


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Wednesday 26th August 2015