Wednesday, 25th March 2015

Weather not too bad, at least no rain. Temperature about 13° C. The fruit trees we have ordered last week where delivered by Toni Suter this morning at 9:00 a.m from Baden-Dättwil. 

The following species, some rare ones from ProSpecie Rara, cam in good condition: 13 Apples to plant like   1 `Goldparmäne`, 1 `Goro`, 1 `Rote Sternrette`, 1 `Usterapfel`,  1 `Berner Rose`, 1 `Berlepsch`, 1 `Schweizer Orangen`, 1 `Hansueliapfel`, 1 `Sternapi`, 1 `Edelchrüsel`, 1 `Oberrieder Glanzreinette`, 2 `Birnenförmiger Apfel`.  Ordered also plum trees as 2 Katinka`,  1 `Trailblazer`, 2 `Kirkes`, 1 `Top Hit`, 2 Ziparte yellow`, 2 `Ziparte blue`, 3 `Berudge/ Sugarplum`, 3 `Zimmer`s`,  2 Cherry trees `Hallauer Aemli`, 2 `Mirabelles de Nancy`, `Zwetschgenfarbene Mirabelle`, and 2 greengages `Reineclaude d`Oullins`, 3 quinces `Konstantinopeler`, `Vogelrüti`, `Vranja`. In changing shifts the students planted all day about 32 trees. The other 8 trees we will do next week. After planting we also did the first pruning. Started to paint the stems for protection (frost and sun). Spread some manure on the trees.


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